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Lake Highlands is an area located in the northeast corner of Dallas, Texas. It is located in the northeast portion of the city, and is sometimes considered to be a part of East Dallas and/or North Dallas.

It is situated near the north end of White Rock Lake. Since it has no official boundaries, it is referred to as a district. There are many neighborhoods within the borders of the Lake Highlands area consisting of one story ranch-style homes.

Driving through the area shows just how much pride the residents of Lake Highlands have for their homes and yards. Neat rows of homes, manicured lawns, trimmed trees…you can almost smell the fresh-cut grass.

However, this time of year the grass cutting is over for residents of Lake Highlands. The fall cleanup is probably getting finished up and homeowners are getting ready for the cold snaps.

With the weather turning, homeowners may also find that their heating system needs to be checked out or repaired.

When the cold weather hits, many heating repair contractors find themselves overwhelmed with emergency calls. This is because the heaters have been sitting for a several months. Once they are turned on after sitting so long, things tend to break down at the initial stress of being turned on.

24/7 Emergency Heating Repair in Lake Highlands

Watermark Plumbing has a great reputation of being an honest heating repair contractor in the Dallas and surrounding metroplex areas.

Family owned, we hold high standards for our contractors who are skilled professional technicians and are fully licensed and certified. Our company provides emergency heating repair services around the clock so you don’t have to spend a moment longer than necessary with no heat.

The same great service is available for air conditioning and plumbing as well. Our team consists of experts in HVAC repair and installation as well as full service plumbing.

HVAC & Plumbing Repair in Lake Highlands

If the recent cold weather has not yet frozen your pipes, you may have a little time yet to wrap them up if they are not protected. Be sure to check on them prior to the first drop in temperature below freezing.

Watermark Plumbing technicians will also be pleased if you prefer someone else to do the work for you. We can ensure all your plumbing is protected from freezing and inspect your Heating unit as well. It will be freezing weather very soon, so you don’t want to get caught off guard when it hits.

Everyone in Texas knows how quickly the weather can change, so get ready Dallas for some cold weather headed your way.

Protect those plumbing pipes and get your heating units inspected and any maintenance performed before they get used the first time or you may be stressing the system out and end up with an emergency break down.

At any time, just give us a call at Watermark Plumbing. We would be glad to come out and get your system running again.

We are a full service heating, air conditioning, and plumbing company with all the tools and experience needed to give you honest, professional, and fast service.


If you need plumbing, heating, or air conditioning repairs, please call Watermark Plumbing at 469.688.3724 or complete our online request form.


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